Positano apartment rental

The apartment you want to rent when you come to Positano is in Palazzo Margherita. In the heart of a small, precious village called Positano, there is a place where you feel like at home. Its name is Palazzo Margherita. When you rent an apartment in Hotel Palazzo Margherita, you can find all the Mediterranean style. Fascinating perfumes and brilliant colours and sinuous vistas: these are the things you can feel renting an apartment here.

Mediterranean colors and scents

But why is Positano so charming? For its position, sure. Because it is surrounded by the Lattari Mountains and the pebble beaches, because the brightly colored Mediterranean houses perched on the terraced rock right down to the see let you appreciate your holiday and give you more spice to your life. Positano is also an incomparable showcase for the “Italian Vernacular” architectural styles, which have shaped this secret Coast with its geometric composition and characteristic whitewashed stucco.

Traveling in history

Greek and Roman influences are clear and surprisingly many ancient buildings have survived intact. Moorish ascendancy is also apparent, with its graceful arches and organic forms. For all these reasons, Positano has been labeled a world cultural heritage site. If these greatest of wonders are not enough for you, don’t worry: there are a lot of other ancient buildings you can visit and explore, such as the Clavel’s Tower, for example. Or you can enjoy the beautiful Cathedrals and churches typical of the Renaissance, or the baroque cathedrals like the church of Santa Maria Assunta in the Flavio Gioia square.