Hotel Positano Italy

Have you ever dreamed to spend your time in a wonderful hotel in Italy, enjoying all the magical atmosphere of an amazing town like Positano? Palazzo Margherita is the perfect answer to your questions.

The history of hotel

The history of this hotel starts at the end of the 1800s, the first hotel that was located between Sorrento and Amalfi . This was the favourite spot of many artists of that time. Palazzo Margherita has given hospitality to famous artists, eminent politicians, wealthy tycoons and pleasure-loving nobles have stayed here and many have returned over the years, attracted by the charm of this little town. This estate offers you seven charming apartments, fully furnished and looking onto one most beautiful views in the world: Positano

Why to visit Positano in Italy

Positano represents a great touristic attraction for all the people who love Italy for its history, architecture, landscape and food. The main activities for the tourist in this place revolve around shopping in its fashionable design and artisan shops, eating at its small but world-renowned restaurants and exploring the dramatic scenery of the surrounding coast. The narrow and often crooked streets are car-free and perfect to walking around, exploring the many facets of this charming and historical town.

What to see in Positano

The vibrantly Positano’s colored houses are literally stacked on top of one another other and usually decorated with flowering plants and interesting architectural highlights. The ancient Roman quarter, the Villa Romana, sports eight defense towers that offer majestic views of the town and the sea. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta houses a painted “Black Madonna” and features a majolica dome visible from most points in the city. Lemons, oranges and olives grove surround the city and are accessible by the many winding footpaths. Boats to Capri and Ischia arrive and depart throughout the day during the high summer season and charter sailboats visit Salerno and Naples ‘s gulfs. Chauffeured guided tours are a popular way of exploring the scenic roads and towns of the Amalfi coast from Positano.

Positano is waiting for you.