Apartments Positano

At Hotel Palazzo Margherita you can find the best high living apartments in Positano. If you need to choose between different apartments in Positano, come to Palazzo Margherita Positano and we’ll find the best apartment for your needs. But it’s not all. Our apartments let you discover the Amalfi Coast from a privileged viewpoint. In fact, Hotel Palazzo Margherita has seven charming apartments and each of them offers you a different vista from its windows. So, you can choose your apartment and see one of the most beautiful view in the world. It’s amazing. In addition, near the delightful apartments of Palazzo Margherita you can find all the characteristic Mediterranean houses of Positano, with their brilliant colours and sinuous profiles.

Why to rent apartments in Positano

Positano architecture is a mix of different ancient culture and style. Here you can find buildings with Roman, Greek and Moorish influence, mixed all together, with geometric composition or graceful arches. Moreover, Positano position is one of the most invidiable in the world, being surrounded by the green of the Lattari Mountains and the silvery grey of pebble beaches . To restore your soul, rent an apartment in Palazzo Margherita Positano and enjoy the smart mix of its modern and antique rooms.

Since 1897, many illustrious personalities from every part of the world came to Hotel Palazzo Margherita and returned here for the the comfort of our apartments and the charm of Positano. Our magic apartments will evoke in you a heightened sense of peace and culture.