Positano Luxury Hotels

There are many reasons to visit Positano. One of these is staying in one of the most luxury hotels of the Amalfi Coast, Palazzo Margherita. Are you tired of traditional hotels? You can book an apartment and be guests of this luxury estate in Positano, enjoying a classic style with modern lines and timeless elegance. Each of the seven apartments exudes style and serenity and provides all of the elegant comforts and modern technology you need to stay relaxing during your vacation.

Your luxury hotel in Positano

This comfortable accommodation will represent for you an excellent starting point for pleasant walks through the city streets, admiring the numerous artistic treasures that mark the city. Refined and elegant apartments offer double room, balcony, kitchen and more, in order to satisfy your needs. When you rent one of the seven apartments in Palazzo Margherita you can enjoy all the feeling of a characteristic village from a privileged observation point. This fascinating village is known for its colored streets and for the enchant of the landscape , with its beautiful beaches and the awesome Monti Lattari.

Then, the brightly colored Mediterranean houses will let you blown with their perched balconies rocked right down to the see. The incomparable vistas and the lovable people of this village will entertain you and your friends and you’ll think: nothing can compare to your holiday in Positano. Positano is also an excellent showcase for the “Italian Vernacular” architectural styles, with its geometric composition and whitewashed stucco. Also Greek and Roman influences are noticeable and incredibly some ancient buildings are still intact. Here, you can find both the Renaissance and the Baroque, with their wonderful cathedrals and churches, such as the church of Santa Maria Assunta in the Flavio Gioia square. But if you want to discover a new way of life, too, come and see all Palazzo Margherita Positano.

We want that you feel really like an aristocrat, because we care.