Luxury Hotel Positano

The best luxury hotel you can find in Positano is Palazzo Margherita. The excellence of vacation rentals. If you need a luxury hotel in Positano when you can feel like at home, discover PaIazzo Margherita . Because here you can do everything you want to do, as at home, but can breath all the Mediterranean style. In fact, when you rent an apartment in PaIazzo Margherita Positano, all the amalfitan perfumes and brilliant colours and fascinating vistas, too, will show you a new way of life, and let you live like a star.

Palazzo Margherita Positano is an hotel which enchant for its position. So, if you want to appreciate a holiday with a natural swimming pool and all the charming of history, you have to rent a flat here.

In our luxury rooms, the comfortable beds are the place where you can open your eyes and appreciate the elegant mix of modern and antique style. The interior is furnished with style and ispirated by the traditional Amalfitan Coast class and from the balcony you can enjoy one of the best vistas in the world.

Then, since 1897, in Luxury Hotel Palazzo Margherita has accommodated many of illustrious personalities coming back more than once to feel the enchanting emotions of Positano, the typical food and careful people without comparison.

This fascinating village was so loved by Alberto Moravia that invited John Steinbeck, Nobel price in Literature, to come and visit Positano. Steinbeck was so enchanted by this luxury place that decided to write an essay.